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Marital Dissolution

Costa Mesa Marital Dissolution Attorneys

Family law challenges like property division and determination of spousal support provide their own special emotional moments for a couple mired in a difficult divorce action. At The Feldhake Law Firm, APC, we help you approach the business side of divorce in a businesslike and non-confrontational manner wherever possible. Our marital dissolution lawyers' goal is to focus on the key issues to be resolved, to keep the personalities out of the process, and to try to assist clients in not allowing the divorce to take on a life of its own.

Property Division

Even when both parties and their legal representatives are working together, the complexities of fairly dividing assets can seem overwhelming. When tensions are running high, as is an unfortunate consequence of a divorce, our goal is to bring objective skills to the task of appropriately deciding who gets what in accordance with the law, and always with a sensitivity to the impact these decisions have on a client.

Our family law attorneys can help you deal with division of business assets, intangible assets, hidden assets, pension assets, and, if worse comes to worst, fraudulent representation or diversion of assets. We have access to physical resources and experts in finance who can identify property and evaluate it before it is divided, whether the item in question is a tiny family heirloom, a rapidly appreciating house, a jointly owned business or other tangible and intangible assets.

The bottom line, in keeping with our policy of intense client commitment, is that we will be alongside you, seeing you through this often-dispiriting life passage, all the way to the end — to the most positive resolution possible. You not only deserve the best legal input and suggested workable solutions that we can offer, but also individual attention and constant communication in a fashion which supports you as opposed to making the process even more disruptive and disconcerting.

Spousal Support

While our marital dissolution attorneys help you obtain temporary or permanent orders for spousal support or alimony, our investigators can locate hidden income, ever-changing annual income and non-cash or deferred income. We use these findings in our negotiations to help you arrive at an equitable settlement that corresponds with your previous marital lifestyle.


Agreed-upon amounts of spousal support are rarely considered permanent. If anything, portions of divorce decrees can be likened to works-in-progress. Living conditions, career paths, and income levels can shift, any or all of which could require changes in a settlement's details. Our spousal support attorneys are skilled at assuring appropriate spousal support levels.

How Can We Help?

Contacting a divorce attorney can be the first step toward putting the business side of your divorce behind you, so you can focus on the personal front.