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Civil Rights

California Civil Rights Attorneys

At The Feldhake Law Firm, APC, we watch over the business side of civil rights. We provide advocacy for individuals who feel their voices are not being heard. When a client has been the object of police misconduct, sexual harassment, or discrimination on the basis of age, disability and illness, national origin, sex, race, or religion, we consider it an honor to be the client's advocate. In the same fashion, we represent many public agencies and employers in resolving, or defending against civil rights claims and suits.

That same commitment extends to matters of discrimination in employment, public accommodation, education, housing, and voting, under federal or state civil rights laws. Whether representing the employer or employee, we assist our clients in addressing all aspects of civil rights disputes.

Defense of Employers

Our experienced civil rights lawyers offer quality legal representation to businesses and employers in need of vigorous defense against allegations of discrimination, which can often arise when legitimate business decisions are challenged. Employees have been known to convince themselves that they have been denied promotion opportunities, or dismissed outright, due to discrimination. Part of our job in representing the employer is to find out the rest of the story - locating where the truth lies and marshalling the correct facts to properly address adverse claims. We perform these duties with the utmost sensitivity to the issues, a poise and professionalism you can count on, and an eye for the types of details that will show a company's actions to have been objective and appropriate.

Our Feldhake Law Firm civil rights lawyers strive to collect a variety of statistical evidence to show that the worker's claim of discrimination is without merit. It could be that an employee was dismissed due to poor work habits, performance, or attendance. If documentation can be found to prove that, if facts are there to be identified to support that conclusion, we will find them. Your business's practices and policies, which we can assist on as well, can and will be assets during our efforts on your behalf. Each of these elements will add up to a solid, evidence-based defense to overcome the claim against you.